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      Changzhou MT Motor Co. Ltd., founded in 1997, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of synchronous motor, gear motor, motor idling. It was founded in 2006 has the right to import and export Changzhou Meite precise motor Co. Ltd., provides a platform for global services products.
      The company has a strategic location, sea, land and air transportation is very convenient. The company's existing five categories, the variety of more than and 100 motors, is the domestic micro precision gear reducer motor, synchronous motor, deceleration motor...
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BYG hybrid stepping motor
BYJ permanent magnet stepping motor
EGR exhaust gas recirculation valve
KTYJ AC deceleration motor
PM permanent magnet stepper motor
ZYJ DC speed reduction motor
Valve actuator brushless motor
Throttle idle motor
Dual fuel automobile idling motor
Brushless DC motor
Linear motor
Automatic diaphragm lens motor
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